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Text and Content Mining

Content based Business Intelligence & Analytics


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ECOPRO provides products and services that are essential for implementing cost effective and efficient Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and content based Business Intelligence Analytical (BI-BA) solutions.


Our services offer radical alternatives to the way Content Capture and processing are conventionally handled. We provide refreshing and much needed relief from heavy investments required to create document scanning infrastructures, indexing human resources, expensive server and software.  You can delegate all of your content capture and indexing process to us.

We provide end-to-end integrated services that address the labor-intensive document imaging, content capture, indexing, back-office forms processing and technology services including business process transformation planning, best fit ECM & BPM solution architecting, project implementation and application support services.

Our focus is on creating paper-less work environment that allow instant access to information from unstructured contents reducing transaction processing time, improving security and accountability along the way promoting
Green Environment.

We offer online hosted services, wherein you simply include us as your trusted partner to electronically ingest your corporate documents and contents through Scanners, Fax, MFPs, and Network drives.  We will extract all required data and intelligence from the contents and upload images and data directly to your business applications.  All done ‘online’ and almost instantaneously!  If you don’t have your own ECM / EMR platform, we will provide cost-effective hosted ECM / EMR solution.

Businesses of any size and anywhere can benefit from our affordable services. Small and mid-sized businesses or independent doctors, group practitioners in Healthcare can take advantage of powerful ECM, EMR, BPM and BI-BA technologies.

If your business process involves paper handling, data entry, forms-processing or intelligent gathering from unstructured contents, call us today at 949-851-9999 to find out simple ‘First-Thing-First’ steps to begin implementing ECM, EMR, BPM systems.

Document Imaging

Document scanning

Taxonomy planning

Content capture

OCR / ICR indexing

Forms processing

Film digitization

Document  storage


Medical EMR & PMS

Medical charts scanning

X-Ray film digitization

Dicom imaging & PACS

CPT, ICD-9 code & billing

Medical Transcription

CMS,UB04,HCFA claims


Turnkey ECM & BPM

Requirement Analysis

Automation Planning

Solution Architecting

Product Selection

Systems Integration

Project Implementation

Application Management

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