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Document Scanning Centers

We understand document scanning or medical charts scanning is an important step in implementing a successful  ECM / EMR system.   Document scanning involves extensive on-site logistic support in preparing the documents for scanning.  That is why we at ECOPRO are taking all steps necessary to offer seamless scanning services wherever you are located.

Ecopro has high-volume document scanning and auto indexing facility in Orange County, California. We provide free document pick-up and return services in our service area.


After scanning, we can help our clients to prepare the documents for log-term storage at off-site locations or securely shred the documents.

Clients located out side of our service area can opt for our discounted Mailing,  forwarding to P.O. Box or Courier services.


We also work with Regional scanning partners and set up Managed on-site scanning facilities.

Regional Document Scanning Partners

Across the country, we have identified regional scanning partners who can handle your jobs locally.  Our regional partner can perform the scanning on your premises or

can pick-up the document from your place and process it at their regional centers and return it soon so the documents are away from your premises for a minimal period of time. In most cases, our partners use our centralized services for auto indexing, post processing for ECM / EMR release.

Co-Location Scanning Facilities

If your project involves ongoing needs, as well as secure documents that cannot leave your facility, ECOPRO can set up a scanning facility on your premises.

A few large clients, for security reasons and for a large volume of on-going document scanning needs, may request us to set up and operate on-site / co-location scanning center. Under this arrangement the client will provide office space for the scanning operation to be conducted on a regular basis. ECOPRO will supply all scanning machines, storage servers, and the scanning crew, under a long-term outsourced contract with monthly payment options.

Having an ECOPRO co-location staff member on hand can also help you in other ways. This person is available to manage your continuing workflow of document processing needs, and can scan and process documents as they are generated. This saves your staff work hours and training, and you have benefit of an extra project worker handling the real-time digitizing and document management of your project.

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