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EMR-EHR Electronic Medical Records

When current healthcare debate appeases every one, for sure, healthcare industry will begin implementing comprehensive Electronics Medical Records (EMR) or Electronics Health Records (EHR) management system bolstered by billions of dollar funding set aside in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. EMR technology upgrade will be much wider and demanding than the last daunting HIPAA implementations.


Ecopro offers specialized services to create EMR/ EHR records. Our services include old chart scanning and indexing and uploading data and images to EMR/ EHR platform of your choice. Most vendors do not offer services to scan old medical chart and index them comprehensively to extract historical data for evidence-based intelligent treatment options.


Though both EMR and EHR have been interchangeably used, industry is increasingly using EHR. ‘Health Record’ is more inclusive than ‘Medical Record’, benefiting not only the doctor, but also patients, insurance companies, healthcare service providers such as rehab centers, chiropractors, testing labs, and also the government. EHR platform suppose to support all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.


EHR empowers both Doctors and Patients with quick access to information that ensures timely healthcare delivery and to plan a proactive healthy lifestyle.


Some healthcare software providers have rebranded their old software to reflect EMR and EHR terminologies, however true powerful EHR software platforms are now only emerging with health records portability and interoperability and seamless PMS, HMS integration.


There are many flavors of EHR products in the market place focusing on independent doctor’s practice to hospital chains to HMOs, further differentiated by use of client/server or hosted web technologies.



EMR / EHR product  architecture predictably includes eight major functional areas:

Health information:  Contains medical conditions, sickness details, medication lists, test results etc.

Results management:  Electronically gathers and manages lab results, radiology reports, X-ray images, doctor notes, surgical procedure details, discharge summary etc.

Order entry:  All prescriptions, lab orders, admissions are electronically entered; avoids hand writing. Prescriptions are supported by PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference)

Decision support: Smart knowledge engine that warns about drug interactions, help make a diagnosis, and provide evidence-based guidelines as treatment options

Electronic communications: All stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – doctors, patients, nurses, medical assistant, referring doctors, hospitals, lab workers, and insurers are able to communicate in cyberspace securely. Systems normally offer interoperability support.

Patient support: Patients can receive educational material via the EHR and enter data themselves through online e-forms / questionnaires; they can also use medical devices at home and can upload data to the EHR.

Administrative processes: The system supports practice management, hospital management. This allows scheduling, billing, insurance etc.

Reporting: The database associated with EHR should support reporting on patient, doctor, hospital or even government perspective including demographic reporting.


Above functional modules may be named differently with industry specific terms and predictably grouped with Practice Management System (PMS) or Hospital Management System (HMS).


Common EHR - PMS - HMS modules are:

Patient information management

Intake / admittance management

Patient scheduling

Resource / Office scheduling


Patient Portal


Lab results

Document/Image Management

Medical charts scanning

Chart Indexing

Decision Support

Patient on-line education

Event reminders / dashboards

Faxing & E-mailing

Electronic signature

HL7 - Message interchange

ANSI X12 (EDI) - Patient data transaction protocol

Diagnostic imaging

DICOM & PACS Radiology image handling

Evaluation and Management (E&M) Coding

Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) supported Electronic

SOAP (Subjective-Objective-Assessment-Plan) H&P/PE
          (History     and Physical) reports

HPI - History of present illness

CPT, ICD-9 code & billing

Medical Transcription

CMS, UB04, HCFA claims

Patient/Insurance billing

Accounts receivables management

Electronic Messaging to doctor(s) and staff

Prescription refills

EHR-PMS-HMS Application integration

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Call us now to jumpstart your EHR project.  We provide one stop solution starting with labor-intensive Chart Scanning and indexing services to technology-intensive application implementation and support services.


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