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Fulfillment Methods & Engagement Models

Our fulfillment methods are focused on client’s needs. We understand the unique requirements of each of our clients and provide them with customized solutions that contribute to their business value improvement.


We at Ecopro, emphasize on content capture for successful ECM, EMR, BPM implementation.  Our fulfillment methods address the logistics involved in content capture. 


Fulfillment Methods


Content Ingestion (Assimilation)

 Upload scanned images for indexing

  Direct scan to Web Folder for indexing

  Shared folders and folder watch for indexing

  E-Fax or E-Mail for indexing

  Mail, Courier to Scan and index

  Pickup services to Scan and index

  Regional scanning partners

  Managed on-site scanning

Content and Index Delivery

 Formatted Data files (XML, CSV, XLS, ...) upload

 Permission based remote application access and posting

 EAI - Application Integration and Direct Release Connectors

 Hosted Enterprise Content Management


Engagement Models

Further, we offer simple, yet effective engagement models to make your experience in using our services rewarding and worthwhile.

Productized services

Ala-Carte services

Simple pricing

Quick setup

No Exit Barrier

Free Trails

Fixed Price Projects

On-Site Services

Offshore BPO

OEM Processing

Joint Ventures


Productized services

At ECOPRO, we break down most ECM service or project area into small process steps with clear definition of inputs and outputs and describe it as a product. It is like web hosting services with all the features defined and the price.


Ala-Carte services

Even though we are a one-stop solution provider, we are open to provide Ala-Carte services, letting our clients to choose from our list of services. This allows our clients to use part of their internal resources or mix and match our services with other vendors to accomplish their goals.


Simple pricing

Our approach of productizing our services and our preparedness to offer Ala-Carte service enabled us to publish a comprehensive price list for our services. We, on-demand provide our pricing details to any prospective client for project planning and budgeting.


Quick setup

We are in a position to quickly start offering our services. No long wait times, no affront account set-up fee. Most of our on-site services could start within a week from order placement.


No-Exit barrier

All our services are provided without demanding a long term commitment from our clients. We count on our value laden services to expect a continuing patronage from our clients. We provide them the right to terminate our service engagement at any time without any liability – absolutely no exit barrier - no long term contracts.


Free trails 

There are many ways to pitch for an assignment, but only one way to succeed, by letting you see the proof of our capabilities. Wherever possible we will provide free trails, samples, prototype to support our capabilities.


Fixed price projects

When time and material is the industry norm for the project implementation, we are open for fixed price projects that are well defined. Even if no requirement specification exists, we can prepare such document as Phase-one and latter based on the discovery we could provide fixed price quote.


On-Site services

Some of the content processing and content management services require on-site services. We are fully prepared to handle any on-site work that is required to fulfill your project.


Offshore BPO

For large scale operations, high volume data entry, and for cost effectiveness we use offshore BPO teams.


OEM processing

If you company is prime vendor, or brand conscious service provider, we could work with you as OEM processing company wherein we preserve and promote your company’s interest.


Joint Ventures

We understand some of our clients may want to establish their own content processing services for any number of operational and security reasons or at least have management control over the content processing BPO process. ECOPRO is open to establish joint venture BPO facilities.


No matter which Ecopro's services you choose, be assured that we will perform quality work, honor all time and cost commitments, and uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices. In short, that is our fulfillment promise.

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