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Document Imaging and Indexing

Document Imaging and Indexing are essential steps in achieving ECM / EMR objectives.


Document scanning require effective planning to handle accumulated old documents (back-file conversation) and new documents that may be periodically generated in the future. The scanning platforms, technologies used for back-file conversion and transaction-based capture are different. When implementing ECM / EMR most companies outsource back-file conversion and in-source transaction based future scanning.


Document scanning and indexing are very labor intensive. We use advanced software to improve quality and image compression and has automated many process to lower scanning and indexing cost.  No vendor in the industry can match our experience and expertise. Our capture process often captures images better than the originals though image enhancements techniques. Our scanning and indexing costs are the lowest you can find anywhere in USA.


We offer full-range of document imaging and indexing services. We have high-volume and high speed scanning infrastructure to scan up to 5 million pages per month in Orange County, California, and a mobile scanning unit for on-site deployment that can handle up to one million pages per month. On need basis, with client endorsement, we use off-shore data entry teams for high volume and quick turn around data validation.


Our scanning and indexing services create corporate digital assets in PDFs, Tiffs or in JPG with metadata, XML tags and taxonomy outlines.  We ensure long lasting and portable digital assets.  We emphasize on portable digital contents that can be moved from one platform to another at any time. 


Our comprehensive Document Imaging and Indexing services differentiate us from rest of the ECM - BPM technology vendors.  In fact none of them talk about portable digital assets, because they want to lock your contents in their system for ever and hold you for licensing ransom.


Following are our task-oriented services. In most cases these services are offered as independent services. Customers have the flexibility to choose different vendors and any of our process steps to meet their project requirements. We will be glad to assist as an end-to-end solution provider.

Our Imaging & Indexing Services

Document Preparation & Scanning

Microfilm Digitization

Automatic Document Indexing

OCR / ICR / OMR processing

Metadata Capture from E-Files

Document Naming & Tagging

Indexing Data Entry

Data Validation

Data Verification

Transcription Services

Medical E-Records Creation

Content Mining & Meta Tagging

Content Classification

Content Object Definition

PDF Document Reformation

Releasing Docs to ECM / EMR

Bar Coding Documents

Bates Numbering / Ink Jet coding

On-Line Document Archiving

Off-Site Document Storage

Secured Document Shredding

 Content archival services

Document Preparation & Scanning

Document scanning involves extensive document preparation before scanning. Smart taxonomy planning determines how to name, index, and store documents to allow easy retrieval of scanned documents across multiple applications. There are number of factors to consider while scanning the documents that determine initial scanning cost and the future on-going image storage, retrieval and band-width usage cost.

  • Paper Size

  • Double-sided or single-sided documents

  • Ability to auto-feed the documents through high speed scanners

  • Amount of staple pins

  • Sorting of documents by type and nature

  • Random & mixed paper size, thickness

  • Document pages that are bound or attached together

  • Maintaining order, sequence, or file references of scanned documents

  • Duplicate or unwanted document removal at scanning time

  • Amount of document kneading, de-skewing, de-speckling, cropping may be required

  • Document color & random color pages

  • Scanning resolution required

  • Image format to store PDF, TIF, JPG, BitMaps

  • Bar coding / Inkjet printing / Bates numbering requirement

  • OCR / ICR processing

  • Automatic forms processing and data extraction

ECOPRO is equipped to handle all of your document scanning requirements in any combination of the above factors. We use wide ranging document imaging techniques and equipment to provide you with quality images from tiny receipts to large blueprints and engineering drawings. We use 300 dpi as the standard for scanning, and generate highest quality images including group IV TIFs, PDFs, JPGs, and Bitmaps. The client could choose any formats for storage.


Long-Term Off-Site Document Storage

We support clients who require that the scanned documents be stored for a long term at an off-site location to save cost of storing at their prime office locations. We work with national level leading off-site document storage companies to offer this service. Their services are combined with our scanning services. After scanning we create special bar code indexes and apply them on the long term storage boxes. We also create web based software that could identify the physical storage boxes for recalling the boxes back to the office if they are ever required for any reason. This is a very powerful and must have solution for anyone considering long term document storage at off-site locations. Please call us for more details.

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